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Hi there!  I’m Casey and I’ve been an avid reader since the age of 5.  I started out reading Goosebumps and the Babysitters Club books, and as I got older, I moved on to the more thrilling reads with the likes of Stephen King, James Patterson and Dan Brown.  Then, Fifty Shades of Grey came out and I got my first taste of erotic romance and haven’t looked back since.

While my reading tastes lean more toward the darker side of romantic fiction, I don’t discriminate and read across all sub-genres, but if it doesn’t have any sexy times, then I more than likely won’t read it, although I will make an exception on a case by case basis.  

My favorite types of romance include contemporary, erotic, dark, taboo, and I’ve recently started reading paranormal, which I’m finding out I really love.  I usually choose the type of books I read based on what kind of mood I’m in, which changes as often as I change my underwear.

If I’m not reading a book, I’m usually busy working my full-time job, being an awesome wife to my amazing and hunky husband, doing Mom things with my two little monsters or getting lost in the isles of Target.


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Hey!  I’m Charlotte and I’ve been reading books for the last 10 years, starting with crime thrillers.  My first book was “Scream for Me” by Karen Rose and I devoured the whole series.  When my Mum first caught me reading, she said she almost had a heart attack since I would never read!  

I got my first taste of romance around 3 years ago when I was recommended “Fighting Tempation” by K.C. Lynn and I’ve never looked back.  I have only ever read the first “Fifty Shades of Grey” book and I can safely say that I don’t want to read the rest.  Erotica is not my thing.

I like to read anything dark, taboo, contemporary, rom-com or suspense.  I don’t like to read anything based on MC, mafia, erotica or billionaires.  I don’t know why, but it’s just not my taste.  Rock stars are my kryptonite though, I will literally read anything with a hot rock star!  if you need a rock star book read and reviewed, then I’m the one to come to.

When I’m not reading, or sometimes while I am, I’m either working as a rehab assistant at night (it’s pretty quiet and I can still read) or I’m doing mermaid things, since I am part mermaid (but sshhh… people might get jealous).  I am a mommy to one dog (a shih-tzu named Ollie) and my parrots (Rio and baby Daisy) who like to look at my books with me, and sometimes sitting on them.


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