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New Release: Envy (The Elite Seven, #4) by M.N. Forgy


Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak…they’re for The Elite.

ENVY, an Elite Seven Novel, by M.N. FORGY is LIVE!




It was temptation that broke the sinner.

People say I have everything.

They’re wrong.

I may have looks, money, and privilege, but I don’t have the one thing that really matters, the one thing I crave: a woman with eyes only for me.

I’m searching for my woman—one who will fall to her knees because I’m her king. She’ll wear the crown of my tarnished name, and long for me when I’m not near. And when I am close, she’ll be naked across my lap, feeling the sting of my palm across her milky skin.

You could say I’m a sinner because I’d do anything to have the perfect woman—compliant to my every need and whim—and I’m envious of every couple who walks around naive to the luxury they have.

That’s why I joined The Elite, the most prestigious brotherhood in the south.

It’s the one place that will give me what I cannot have.

Only…the task assigned to me is too much for my jealous eyes.

Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak…they’re for The Elite.

Those who envy have no peace.

My name is Sabastian Westbrook.

I am Envy.


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Casey’s Review


Welp. That was fucked up.

Seriously. Sebastian Westbrook is one severely disturbed individual that you DO NOT want to underestimate.

Sebastian was the embodiment of his sin – Envy. He has everything that money can buy, except for the one thing money can’t buy… to be loved. He’s been deprived of affection since his parents died when he was little and as an adult he’s starved for it. He envies everyone who has what he doesn’t, but when he sets his sights on Wrath’s sister Sabella, he thinks that she could be the one who could fulfill what he desires most. But what happens when his feelings aren’t reciprocated?


“He’s super sweet, but I get this Ted Bundy feeling around him, you know?” – Yep… that’s the statement of the year describing Sebastian.

I’m a huge fan of M.N. Forgy and her MC books, but I totally didn’t expect for her to completely throw me into the land of “What The Fuck” with Envy. I didn’t pin this kind of stalker obsessive personality on Sebastian in the previous books, but I honestly loved how twisted and mentally unhinged he was. I would’ve expected his character to come from the minds of K. Webster and Ker Dukey, but M.N. Forgy? Definitely surprised me there, but she did a bang up job with him.

There is absolutely NO romance in Envy. This book mainly revolves around Sebastian’s character and less about The Elite Seven and the tasks assigned to them by the she-devil Lillian. Even without all that, it sure did make this series a lot more interesting and I’m dying to see how all of the intertwining plots unfold, especially with how this book ended ’cause shit is getting crazy.

The Elite Seven series has been unpredictable, suspenseful and downright addicting so far. Each book reveals a new unexpected twist that keeps me on the edge of my seat and craving the next story.



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