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Book Review: Wrath (The Elite Seven, #3) by Claire C. Riley


Title: Wrath (The Elite Seven, #3)

Author: Claire C. Riley

Genre: New Adult, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: March 11, 2019


Blurb: I’m a motherless son to a father who hates me. Fury has lived and breathed in my black heart for so long, it’s a part of my soul now. The only thing that’s ever mattered to me is protecting my twin sister, Sabella, from my father’s temper.

So when the chance to join a secret society presents itself, there’s no question I’ll do whatever it takes to become a member and earn my place in the ranks of only the most Elite.

With a taste for the deviant, I’m drawn to the darkest of desires, and no one ever leaves my bed unscathed.
My task: seduce Patience Noelle, St. Augustine’s sweetheart and the mayor’s beloved daughter—then break her heart.

Sinning is what I live for, and deviance is my passion. Failing has never been an option.

But what happens when my sin becomes my curse—when destroying the only woman I’ve ever wanted is my key to protecting my sister?
Accept your sin wisely, for the tasks given to earn your place are not for the weak…they’re for The Elite.

This isn’t just my chance, it’s my legacy and reckoning.
I am Samuel Gunner.

7 Books
7 Authors
7 Sins

Are you Elite?

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Casey’s Review

Rating: 5 Stars


I’ve never read a Claire C. Riley book before but I’m thoroughly convinced she is Satan for ending this book the way she did.

Seriously… What. The. Everloving fuck was that? I just got whiplash from that epilogue!



I NEED it to be March 25th already.



For real though… that cliffhanger was brutal and I totally didn’t expect Wrath’s book to end the way it did, and I really hope that what’s implied at the end doesn’t mean what I think it might mean because I will be cursing the book gods and start throwing shit if it proves true.


This series keeps getting better and better with each book. I thought I loved Lust and Pride, which I still undeniably do, but then Wrath aka Samuel Gunner comes along and completely knocks my socks off.

I freaking loved it HARD.

Wrath’s story was intense. My heart broke for him and I was so mad for him at the way he’s been treated his whole life by the people who were supposed to love and nurture him. He was unloved and unwanted, which manifested into so much anger, hate and rage – hence, why he is Wrath. The boy in him craves love and affection, but the man in him is controlling, dominant and filled with vengeance.

“…you can’t really outrun something that lives inside you, and my demons are buried real fucking deep. Soul deep. Some might even say I’m the devil himself.”

Wrath’s story was similar but also much different than the first two books in this series. Told completely from Samuel’s POV, there wasn’t much focus on the romance, which definitely wasn’t needed and just an added bonus in this thriller… but Claire took Samuel’s character to the next level with so much more depth and raw emotion and made me feel his inner turmoil. From the outside looking in, he appeared to have it all, but what he desired most was unattainable to him – to get out from underneath his father’s thumb. He wants to be Elite. He needs the power to silence the demons from his past and the powerful influence the Elite can give him to exact his vengeance.

Like Lust and Pride, to join the Elite, Samuel is given an impossible task and the way he handles it proves how strong his character is… although he does have weaknesses – his sister, Sabella, and his childhood friend turned lover, Patience… but, which is most important – the sister he has protected and taken beatings for all his life or the new love he’s found that brings his nonexistent heart back to life? The Elite plays some sick and twisted games with their new recruits to prove their worthiness and loyalty, but this may be a game that Samuel may not be able to play because it’s an impossible game he cannot win.


Although the heroine didn’t play a huge role in this story, I freaking loved her and the fiery connection she shared with Samuel. He was a freaking beast in the sheets that needed control and Patience was his willing subject… and their passion was wild and unforgiving.

Like I said before, I’ve never read a Claire C. Riley book until now. She absolutely blew me away with her words. I was hooked from the beginning to the end and read it all in one sitting. Wrath’s story completely consumed me. I loved how she gave a reason behind every facet of Samuel’s character. She didn’t just make him to be the way he was just because… there was a motive behind every thought and every action. She made me feel all the emotions for him and I fell hard for Wrath.

“I’m Samuel “The Machine” motherfucking Gunner. Wretched brother to a twin sister, shameful son to a dead mother, an undefeated champion in the ring, and a master of sin in the bedroom.”

And then that freaking ending… Gahhh!!! I need Envy right now!


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