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Book Review: Dirty Exes (Liars, Inc. #1) by Rachel Van Dyken


Title:  Dirty Exes (Liars, Inc. #1)

Author:  Rachel Van Dyken

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Release Date:  June 5th, 2018



They’re serving up some red-hot revenge. A sizzling series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel van Dyken.

Blaire has never quite gotten over Jessie Beckett, the ex–NFL star whose kisses were hot enough to ignite the entire Eastern Seaboard. When he chose work over her, Blaire was left brokenhearted. Why else would she have married a skeezy two-timer, just to divorce him less than a year later?

Now Blaire is getting even by becoming one half of Dirty Exes, a PI firm fully committed to humiliating cheating jerks. If only the new jerk she’s been hired to uncover wasn’t Jessie Beckett himself.

Exposing Jessie isn’t going to be easy, especially when she still daydreams about his sexy smile. Further complicating matters is Colin, Jessie’s best friend. He’s gorgeous, a little bit cunning, and willing to help Blaire get the inside scoop on Jessie—for a price.

Now caught between two men—one totally right and the other totally wrong—Blaire will need to decide just how much she’s willing to risk…and whom she’s willing to risk it for.


Charlotte’s Review

Rating:  5 Stars



I LOVE me some love triangles. But only if they’re done right, and this one definetly was!

I loved this book, it gave me all the feels. I laughed, got angry and may have even cried at one point (tears of happiness! No sadness in this book)

Blaire is half of a company called Dirty Exes. She and Isla are honey traps, they catch cheaters. Until Blaire’s ex boyfriend (the one who got away) is their next target.

I really felt for Blaire, on one hand she had the ex boyfriend, the one who got away and on the other hand she had her ex’s best friend who wants nothing more than to spend as much time with her as possible. She loved Jesse but he was married (separated) and she wasn’t sure she could trust him. She found Colin annoying but I found him hilarious! He tried his best to woo her and she just wasn’t having it.

Jesse had hidden depths that you don’t know until you’re further through the story but I fell in love with him instantly. I hated his wife though, what a bitch from the very beginning. There was a post on facebook not long ago that said “Which book character makes you want to slap them the most?” At the time I couldn’t think of anyone I hated that much. Until now. I HATE Vanessa.

Colin, oh Colin. This man is something else! His first scene and I was gone, I fell hard for this one. He was funny, sarcastic and hella sexy. If I could meet a man like this then my life would be complete! He was everything. I had no idea which guy Blaire would chose by the end but I didn’t care since I loved them both.

Now, let’s talk about sex. Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I cannot stand 200 pages of sex scenes (a slight exaggeration but you get my drift.) If there were no sex scenes in a book then it wouldn’t bother me. Now, Rachel does write sex scenes BUT there was only one or two full scenes, the rest blacked out. I think she did a great job with this, I didn’t hate the sex scenes that she wrote so I class that as a win! Nothing worse than having to read 5 pages of sex EVERY TIME they have sex. (In my opinion)

Rachel was a new-to-me author and this book came onto my radar a while ago and the blurb caught me. I finally got around to reading it and the only thing I regret is waiting so long! Her writing helped me to connect with each of the characters and I really felt for them as if I was there. Her writing is unique to what I have read before and it was like a breath of fresh air! I could tell I was reading something different to what I usually read.

I cannot wait for the next book! Dangerous exes.

Advice: DO NOT read the blurb for Dangerous Exes, it will spoil this one for you! (I made this mistake!)


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