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Book Review: Crucible by Natalie Bennett


Title: Crucible

Author: Natalie Bennett

Genre: Dark Erotica

Release Date: January 10, 2019


Blurb: The smallest towns have the darkest secrets.

Raelynn Davenport.
An elusive beauty queen with a sordid past.

The Blackwoods.
A prominent family with a graveyard full of tortured skeletons.

The plan couldn’t have been simpler.

All I had to do was swap my big city life and tarnished reputation for a fresh start in a small town.
Catching the immediate attention of said town’s heart-throbs was nowhere on my agenda.

Unapologetic about their true intentions, I find myself in the center of a game that has no concept of moral aptitude.

All I wanted was peace.

All they crave is madness.

And in this game, losing isn’t an option.

Not when we’re playing for my life.


Casey’s Review

Rating: 4.25 Disturbing Stars



“Let’s play a game.” 

The games and fuckery are just getting started in Crucible, a short prequel to Natalie Bennett’s upcoming book, Affliction. And damnit, just when things were getting interesting, I get left hanging from a cliff! I NEED MORE!


Crucible introduced us to Raelynn and the sexy, mysterious Blackwood twins, Jace and Kaiden, who had an immediate interest and attraction to the new girl in town. There are secrets in this small town, missing girls, and it seems like the Blackwoods are the center of attention involving it all, and now they have their sights set on Rae.

“They were a wet dream come to life. Two sexy twins who wanted to share me. Two men who could fuck me better than anyone ever had before without wanting anything in return.” 

They want Rae to play a little game… but what kind of game do they want her to play, how far will it go, and will Rae win or will she lose?


I love all of Natalie Bennett’s dark, addictive and deliciously twisted stories. Whenever I’m craving a dark and sinister read, this lady is my go-to. Although Crucible has lighter scenes of gore, there’s still some scenes that are sensitive and could trigger some people… but I have a feeling this author is going to take us far down the rabbit hole with the next book and I can’t wait until it’s released!

***ARC provided for honest review.***


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