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Book Review: Beauty & Rage (Broken Crowns, #1) by Natalie Bennett


Title: Beauty & Rage (Broken Crowns, #1)

Author: Natalie Bennett

Genre: Dark, Paranormal Romance

Release Date: March 10, 2019


Blurb: An abomination came in the middle of the night.

Death and destruction followed in his wake.

The sun fell from the sky and has yet to return.

Now trapped in a world where the savage and corrupt rule, my life has been compromised.

He stole my crown with bloodstained hands and claimed me as his queen.

Reyes Straykova is seductively cruel.

Volatile and ruthless, a vicious beast.

His sinister game has just begun.

Bow to the king and watch chaos reign.

Beauty & Rage is the first book in the Broken Crowns series. It’s PNR (the main characters are not vampires, shifters, or fae) & contains varying triggers.


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Casey’s Review

Rating: 3.5 Stars


I am a HUGE fan of Natalie Bennett and absolutely love her books, which makes her an automatic one-click for me. I love her darkness and the twisted spin she puts on words. When I found out she was writing a dark paranormal romance, I almost died. I love PNR and I love dark, and combining those two genres with my favorite author is a definite win in my book.


However, with that being said, I’m so confused yet also intrigued by this book. I hate giving one of my favorite authors a less than stellar review but I have to be honest or my reviews would mean shit to those who follow them.


I did enjoy this book, after about 40% when things started picking up, but the initial world-building was lacking. Even after I finished it, I still had no idea what kind of world these characters were living in and all of the supernatural creatures dwelling in it. I felt like we were just kinda thrown to the wolves in the beginning and the knowledge about everything is assumed. But this book was only a prelude and I’m pretty sure we will be getting more answers as each book in the series comes out.

Duvessa is a princess turned Queen of Zenith after her father has died. The people in her region are dying and she needs help, so she turns to the only person she believes can save her people – Reyes, the evil and sadistic King of Purgatory, and he wants Duvessa as his Queen. As soon as she meets Reyes, he marks her and claims her as his… and we are dropped tiny little breadcrumbs giving us clues that these two share a past that only Reyes remembers.

These two were absolute FIRE together. There were several steamy scenes where Duvessa was taken daily by the hottie despire/demon/vampire, or whatever the hell he was. I even started clenching my thighs at one point. And it’s not a Natalie Bennett book if there isn’t a delicious dose of darkness added to it… and this one had some cringeworthy depravity going on. Reyes sure was a sick and twisted bastard, but damn if I still didn’t find him hot af.


While this wasn’t a favorite for me, mainly because I don’t fully understand the world yet or what’s actually going on with the plot (Natalie tends to do this with her series…feeding us tiny morsels of info but still keeping an air of mystery by not giving anything away to keep us dangling on the edge in suspense), yet I kept craving more with every turn of the page. It’s an interesting start to the series and I’m definitely curious to see what’s in store for these characters, because that ending? Holy shit, way to leave a girl hanging!


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