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Book Review: Abattoir by K. Larsen & Yolanda Olson


Title: Abattoir

Authors: K. Larsen & Yolanda Olson

Genre: Dark, Erotic Horror

Release Date: February 1, 2019



I was so lost when he found me.

A young man of no experience, not knowing what love was, but he showed me. He made me feel what it’s like to be alive and opened my eyes to what the world truly is. I’m nothing without him and he knows it because he’s nothing without me.

His words are often full of praise, of need, yet I know he deserves better. I need him. I can’t live without him.
I’ll adjust to what he wants.

And maybe, when he’s ready, he’ll show me just how much he needs me too.

Before him, I lived my life with such rigidity that my shoulders were perpetually riddled with knots. I followed a strict code.

He’s sweet and young and sees the world through a different lens which helps me relax. The rules I abide by are important for many reasons, but he makes me do things I normally wouldn’t. Things I shouldn’t, but saying no to him is not something I seem to be capable of.

To help him learn, I teach him the rules and punish him as needed.

They say love knows no bounds. That it doesn’t judge and it isn’t biased, but can it survive his recklessness and my proclivities?


Casey’s Review

Rating: 4 Stars



noun: abattoir plural noun: abattoirs
1. a slaughterhouse.
2. synonyms: slaughterhouse, butchery, knacker’s yard, shambles, butcher-row

Dark, depraved, immoral… Abattoir will have you equal parts horrified and in awe of its haunting beauty and wicked brilliance.

Yolanda Olson and K. Larsen know how to take a disturbing and unsavory topic and turn it into an unexpected darkly beautiful story. This dynamic duo was absolutely flawless in their pairing and had me cringing in disgust and fascinated at the same time with their words. They created two sinister yet somewhat sweet and vulnerable characters and weaved in an evocative love story threaded with gruesome depravity.

“I burn like the sun, scorching and fierce; and he’s like the moon, cool and collected, keeping the ebb and flow of the tides in order.” 

Bishop and Josi… these two had an unbreakable bond. It was love at first sight, carnal and all-consuming. Their chemistry and passion for one another oozed off the pages and steamed up my kindle. Although Josi was riddled with insecurities, he was more than willing to prove to Bishop that he could be worthy of him and do what it takes to keep him in the only way Bishop understands, no matter how vile and horrific it may be.

Now, this is where I thrown in a big fat WARNING sign. This book is not for the faint of heart.


This book could be considered pitch black to some and depending on reader sensitivity, could also be extremely uncomfortable and destroy your sense of sanity. Me, on the other hand, I’m far from sane and lost all sensitivity a long time ago and keep falling further into the black abyss. If you love dark erotic horror, then I highly recommend this book.

***ARC provided for honest review.***


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